Guide to the famous Turkish Baths-Hamams in Istanbul!

A trip to a traditional Turkish bath in Istanbul / Turkey!

A traditional Turkish bath is one of the most important highlights in Istanbul.

Have you ever been in a Turkish Bath (Hammam)?

If you haven`t yet you have missed one of life`s great experiences and you will think never been cleaned before!

A Turkish bath just the thing to help you decompress. There are many in the city that offer a variety of amenities. There are still more than a hundred options to choose from but the best places are as mentioned below:

The traditions have been passed down from the Romans to the Byzantines to the Turks. The Islamic emphasis on personal cleanliness resulted in hundreds of baths being built throughout Istanbul during the years (1400). Traditional Turkish baths have separate sections and entrances for men and women. It was intimately bound up with everyday life, a place where people of every rank and station, young and old, rich and poor, townsman or villager, could come freely.

Famous Visitors of Hammams from the history; King Edward John VIII, Kaiser Wilhelm, Franz Liszt, Florence Nightingale,

Celebrity Visitors of Hammams; such as King Fahd, Tony Curtis, Rockefeller, Richard Harrison, Omar Sehrif, Harrison Ford, Jenson Button, John Travolta, Cameron Diaz, Kate Moss…have all been for a royal experience.

Usual session lasts an hour or 90 minutes, but you’re welcome to stay as long as you desire. You can rest on the platform as long as you like before completing your bath when you have felt so clean or been so relaxed…a lot of it has to do with the ambiance of the bath house.

Beautiful tile work, hot, steamy rooms, a wonderful gentle massage, a long sauna and discrete loofah washing. Big fluffy towels, more soap lather than you’ve never seen lavender soap and a rub down with oils completed the sultan’s treatment.

Take your first bath the very first day you arrive- it will relieve the stress and tension from travelling and the best “cure” ever with jetlag. You will sleep like a baby. Like having a luxurious bubble bath without the tub and being pampered for approximately an hour. Bring lotion and condition if you have dry skin.

Historical Hammams in the Old City-Sultanahmet;
Sure for the best and well known hammam by celebrities also is Cagaloglu Hammam,The most famous Turkish Bath men&women sections are seperated.
Cemberlitas hamam, second important Turkish Bath men&women sections are separated
Suleymaniye hamam, which is the only hamam for both sex (men&women) can use together.It is specially suitable to families and couples.The haman is suitable for families and couples only. Single males or females will not be admitted.
Gedikpasa hamami, dates from the 15th century and is one of Istanbul’s oldest hamams.Turkish Bath men&women sections are seperated.
gedikpasahamami. com/

Historical & Well known Hammam in Beyoglu-Taksim district;
Galatasaray Hamam in Beyoglu also very popular and old. For Group organizations, the men’s section is opened to men and women.
galatasarayhamami. com/

If you interested in a trip back in historic ottoman hamams you may want to check offers exclusive tours to the historical hamams in Istanbul.

Enjoy your reading & sharing it!


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