Souvenirs to buy and shopping in Turkey!

Leather Clothing 
Carpets & rugs
Evil’s Eye(Blue Eye)


Copper Ornaments

Turkish Delight

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Top 12 Tourist Attractions in Istanbul to see

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For First Time Visitors of Istanbul ( A Timeless City irresISTanBlue! )

  • Hagia Sophia Museum (AyaSofya) ( Sultanahmet )

     The magnificent Hagia Sophia was originally built by Byzantine Emperor Justinian in 537AD, and it was used as a church for almost 1000 years. After the conquering then turned into a mosque for 481 years, and Turkey’s first President, Atatürk, declared it a as museum in 1935.

  • Blue Mosque ( Sultanahmet )

      Foreign tourists call as  Blue Mosque because of the colour of its tens of thousands of interior blue iznik tiles, this masterful early 17th century building with its many domes and six minarets was built to compete with the Hagia Sophia across the street that had been erected almost a millenium earlier. Enjoy the peacefull atmosphere  of its wide courtyard which is the biggest of all the Ottoman mosques. Free to visit except praying times.

  • Topkapi Palace (  Sultanahmet  )

      This great palace was the imperial residence of Ottoman Sultans for almost 400 years. Although much of the palace is not allowed to access, the daily tours of the Harem are of great interest to tourists. Open Wednesday to Monday from 9.00am to 17:00pm.

  • Grand Bazaar (Kapalı Çarşı) ( Sultanahmet )

      Lost  in crowd! in narrow streets of The Grand Bazaar. This huge market place started out as a warehouse and named as shopping Mecca for shopaholics – the largest covered bazaar in Turkey which comes from old times. Haggling for anything from rugs to jewels to pottery is part of the culture and it is rumoured to contain over 4,000 small stalls.The bazaar is open Monday to Saturday from 8.30am to 7.00pm. You may enjoy the authentic shopping experience by personal shopper Istanbul, while exploring the secrets of this timeless city, 

  • Spice Bazaar ( Egyptian Market ) ( Eminonu )

      Take a deep breath in the heady mix of colorful spices and herbs in the vivid Egyptian Bazaar,

  • Dolmabahce Palace ( Dolmabahce Sarayi ) ( Besiktas )

       Located on the best shores of the Bosphorus.May translate as  “filled garden”, an imperial building that for the first time looked like Western style rather than to the more traditional Ottoman style of structures. The chandelier in the Throne Room is one of the largest  in Europe at about 4.5 tons definetely worth to see.

  • Underground Cistern ( Sultanahmet )

      The Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan Sarayı – “Sunken Palace”,  ”Sunken Cistern”) is located in opposite of Hagia Sophia. It is a nice, mysterious place, in which you feel you are in old epochs you will be amaze.It is a Roman building made 532 AD.There are lots of columns and different column heads romans recycled that columns from temples of Pagans . However many of the travel agencies don’t put underground cistern into their schedule.

  • Sema Ceremony of the Whirling Dervishes( Semazens ) ( Sirkeci )

           Sufi whirling ceremony(Sufi spinning), persian is an active meditation  which originated among sufi dervishes, and which is still practiced by the Sufi’s of the Mevlevi order. It is a customary dance performed within the Sema as worship ceremony, through which sufi dervishes aim to reach the source of all perfection (kemal).

  • Istanbul by night at Dinner enjoy The Turkish Night on Galata Tower, ( Karakoy )

          Galata Tower is one of the oldest tower in the world history, which is one of the most important landmarks and  a symbol of Istanbul for hundreds of years. It was constructed by Justinianus in 6th century to monitor the harbours and the city. This outstanding building was controlled by Genoese during 13th century. From the upper side of the tower there is a panoramic view out over the whole city can be seen.Enjoy the oppurtunity of watching authentic Turkish Show.Harem entertainments in old Ottoman houses, rich folklore dancing of Anatolian and caucasian, various shows and oppurtunity of dancing at the roof of Istanbul.

  • The Bosphorus 

      This waterway passes along the shores of Istanbul is about 20 miles in length and is the physical divider between the continents of EuroAsia. Catch a ferry from Karakoy (from Eminonu) to Kadikoy. This way you can enjoy a romantic night-time by a nostalgic ferry over the waters while taking in the unique view of the Old City. Thus you may get a chance to see geniune wooden ottoman mansions and summer palaces.

  • Princes’ Islands

       No doubt that one of the best place to experiment the resort life of Istanbul. The Princes Islands are where Istanbul’s mainly non Muslim elite built their summerhouses , pleasure palaces and resorts.Buyukada is one of the biggest islands of marmara sea where royalty were exiled during the byzantine times and laterly during the Ottoman period , no autos are allowed and various ferries leave from the European side and Asian side to the Island. A good day out to walk around, ,after a nice meal take a horse carriage around the Island enjoy it`s tranquility .Learn the Schedule of the ferries, If you miss the last ferry keep this in mind or else you may have to swim back.

  • At the end of the Turkey Break, before leaving the country Don’t forget to Relax in one of famous Turkish Baths (Hamam) you may choose Cagaloglu Hamam or Cemberlitas Hamam.

 Enjoy it! See you on next Turkey travel tips!

Luxury Istanbul  Travel is highly recommended by IstanbulTripAdvisor

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Insider Tips from Istanbul Trip Advisor

Here below you can find some useful insider tips for Istanbul during your istanbul trip;
Sure you will find them pretty beneficial ,
One night you must do fish:

Sarıyer Iskele Restaurant Yeniköy Address Köybaşı Caddesi Vapur İskelesi Sokak No:15 Yeniköy Istanbul
Telephone “0212 262 35 49

Bebek Balikcisi Address Cevdet Pasa Cd.No:26 /A Bebek
Telephone +90 212 263 3447

Poseidon Address Cevdetpasa St. No.58 Küçük Bebek-Istanbul 
Telephone “0212 – 263-3823

Tarabya Kıyı Address Kefeliköy Caddesi No:126 Tarabya İstanbul
Telephone (212) 262 0002

Balikci Sabahattin- Fish restaurant Address Cankurtaran, Sultanahmet (behind Armada Hotel) Eminonu
Telephone +90 212 458 18 24


Lacivert (One of the top fish restaurant under the bridge) Address Korfez Cd.No:57 / A Anadoluhisari Istanbul
Telephone 0 216 413 4224

Nice concept
1 Suada(Galatasaray island) just in the middle of the sea in Kurucesme area is not only a restaurant but also they have swimming pool, cafe, pub…etc some of their facilities,
kuruçeşme GS.Adası

Traditional Ottoman Cuisine I would say:

Ciya Sofrası
Caferağa Mah. Güneşlibahçe Sk. No:43
Orman Sokak No:8
+90 212 663 2990
Mim Kemal Öke Caddesi No:21/1
+90 212 225 4662
Tahmis Caddesi Kalçın Sokak No:17
+90 212 528 0390
Sıraselviler Caddesi 47
+90 212 249 1348
Topaz Restaurant
İnönü Caddesi 50
+90 212 249 1001
Expensive restaurant serving modern Turkish cuisine, fabulous views over the Bosphorus bridge, good for business dinners or for celebrating a special occasion
PHONE:  (90) 0212 – 534-8414
Hacı Abdullah
Sakızaĸacı Caddesi 17,
off Istiklal Caddesi,
Telephone 0212 293 8561
Sarnic Restaurant offers an unique experience in a romantic ambiance
Kuçuk Ayasofya Caddesi 26,
Telephone 0212 518 2323

For the best boutique hotels;

Genuine ottoman summer palaces,mansions turned into luxury boutique hotels
Sumehan on the water
Les Ottomans

Sure for the best and well known hammam by celebrities also is*cagaloglu hammam,The most famous Turkish Bath men&women sections are seperated
*cemberlitas hamam,Second important Turkish Bath men&women sections are seperated
*suleymaniye hamam,which is the only hamam for both sex,men&women can use together.
Galatasaray Hamam in Beyoglu also very popular and old.

For further more assistance pay a visit to and send your request to Ask to Istanbul Trip Advisor section or

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Favourite things to do in Istanbul;

          Too many options in Istanbul I will try to summarize the favourites:

–          Breathe in the heady mix of spices and herbs in the Egyptian Bazaar,

–          Lost  in crowd! in narrow streets of Grand Bazaar(Enjoyable Authentic Shopping by personal shopper Istanbul), while exploring the secrets of this timeless city,

–          Cruise on the Bosphorus for superb views of the magical city of Istanbul or discover princess islands by nostalgic ferries,

–          Sultanas Turkish Dinner and Show ( Belly Dancer show and Anatolian cultural folklore group ),

–          Mystic dance by Whirling Dervishes,

–          Istiklal Street(the pedestrian avenue)is a popular pedestrian mall filled with strollers day and night its side streets boast lots of nightlife; chic café bars, bistros, restaurants, night clubs, music clubs…(such as Club 360, asmali mescit, mikla…)

–          Enjoy Trendy night clubs and cafe’s in Ortakoy and Bebek area (Reina, blakk, ulus 29, anjelique, sortie,…)

–          Camlica Hill (One of the highest point of the city which has a magnificient view of Istanbul)

–          Pierre Loti Hill by cable car overlooking golden horn(enjoy the life while drinking Turkish Cafee,)

–          Istanbul by night at Dinner and Turkish Night on Galata Tower,

–          Maiden’s Tower definitely recommended for special days such as Honey Moon or Birthday Party, ( a former prison in the sea one of the most striking landmarks of the city)

–          Sile &  Agva For nature lovers at the outlet of Istanbul near Black Sea,

–          Discover Golden Horn by ” The Sultan’s Boat ” while you are enjoying the city,

 by Istanbul Trip Advisor

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I like to call this timeless city as”irresISTanBlue”









          If you get a chance you should note ISTANBUL to your 2010 Agenda.

In the mean time please keep your eyes on Istanbul for 2010, Istanbul is selected as   European Capital of Culture.

Let me try to explain WHY?

Famous French Commander Napoleon Bonaparte once said ” If the earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital “…

I am honoured by the declaration of  Istanbul being the 2010 European Capital of Culture. Travel expert Pauline Frommer shares tips for a fun time in Turkey, after recently  vacationing there. CNN JULY 9,2009

  JustWatchNoCOMMENT ;  

  The Metropole of the Century Amazing City ISTANBUL ” Where EAST meets WEST  ISTANBUL is AWAITING FOR U! ” 2 Discover HER.


  When you need further more regarding Istanbul please feel free to contact.I will be pleased to help you.


  I like to call this timeless city as “irresISTanBlue”


Best regards,



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