I like to call this timeless city as”irresISTanBlue”









          If you get a chance you should note ISTANBUL to your 2010 Agenda.

In the mean time please keep your eyes on Istanbul for 2010, Istanbul is selected as   European Capital of Culture.

Let me try to explain WHY?

Famous French Commander Napoleon Bonaparte once said ” If the earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital “…

I am honoured by the declaration of  Istanbul being the 2010 European Capital of Culture.


  http://twurl.nl/lvsgq4 Travel expert Pauline Frommer shares tips for a fun time in Turkey, after recently  vacationing there. CNN JULY 9,2009


  JustWatchNoCOMMENT ;


  The Metropole of the Century Amazing City ISTANBUL ” Where EAST meets WEST  ISTANBUL is AWAITING FOR U! ” 2 Discover HER.


  When you need further more regarding Istanbul please feel free to contact.I will be pleased to help you.


  I like to call this timeless city as “irresISTanBlue”


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About IstTrpAdvsr

Ugur ILGAR was born in Turkey in 1973 who is well experienced Travel Advisor & Travel Blogger. He has been living in Istanbul over twelve years and studied tourism administration and hotel management at University of Dokuz Eylul in Izmir. He is specialized in blogging his own travel experiences, advices about Istanbul and whole around Turkey. He works for http://www.luxuryistanbul.com Luxury Travel Brand of Istanbul Turkey, Best Travel Agency in Istanbul offers private city tours, exclusive travel packages
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